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Economic Development Services

Strategic Location Services economic development advisory services help communities and economic development organizations create more thriving and equitable economies. We offer multiple strategies and tools that help our clients achieve higher-performing economies.

Strategic Action Plans

Yogi Barra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

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Strategic planning is essential to a community’s growth and sustainability. Without regional planning, communities are apt to drift from one unplanned venture to another, not knowing what the end will look like or when it has been accomplished.


SLS prides our unique approach to working with our clients as partners in developing meaningful strategic plans. We effectively blend both quantitative and qualitative inputs at every point in the process. Most importantly, our focus is on developing realistic recommendations that can be easily understood and swiftly implemented.


Our methodology includes extensive community input, comprehensive benchmarking with comparative/peer communities, and a perspective from our site location advisory experience of what makes successful communities competitive.


Organizational Design and Development

Organizations must regularly reevaluate themselves and their services to keep a competitive edge. We can partner with you to evaluate, understand, and adapt to the needs of those you’re serving.


SLS will evaluate the overall service delivery community programs and efforts of an economic development organization, Chamber of Commerce, or similarly structured organization that serves as a facilitator or conduit to economic growth. These efforts often include programs in business attraction, retention, research, and entrepreneurship. We will design and construct off the community’s current strengths, relieve or remove those components that are considered a challenge, and then design an effective economic development service delivery structure that will accomplish the communities or organizations’ goals of wealth-building from job creation and new capital investment.


SLS maintains experience in designing new and creative revenue-generating alternatives for Economic Development Organizations.


Community Target Industry Strategies

SLS provides services to improve a community's product to better attract investment and retain companies.


SLS engages with communities in revealing their regional assets to recognize and focus on the types of companies the region has the greatest potential to attract new industry and to diversify the economy.


Through a rigorous, fact-based Target Industry Strategy and community competitive analysis, we assist communities in prioritizing where dollars should be invested for business expansion and attraction efforts. The Target Industry Strategy serves as our client’s marketing and product improvement foundation in implementing their region’s economic development goals for years to come.


Business Recruitment and Business Intelligence

Economic Development organizations must consistently explore new initiatives to build their pipeline of new and qualified new business projects with limited budgets. 


As a result of our relationships with site selectors, corporate real estate advisors, and industry, we have the ability to connect our clients with key corporate and C-suite decision-makers.  We develop aggressive lead generation services and prospecting strategies for our economic development clients to assure our clients achieve the most obtainable and qualified expanding industry leads.

All new business leads are and will remain exclusive to our clients.

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