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Strategic Location Services (SLS) is a unique veteran-owned economic development consulting firm specializing in economic development consulting to defense communities, companies, and organizations. See Leadership Team

Defense communities are the cities, counties, and regions that serve as home to our nation’s military/government installations, missions, and industrial partners.  In many cases, traditional Economic Development mythologies fall short in leveraging the defense sector and military assets.


Airial of Base.jpeg

SLS is a full-service economic development advisory firm supporting private, public, and non-profit economic development organizations around the US.


SLS has served multiple defense communities in designing economic development programs in areas of economic development, strategic planning, community assessments, target market studies, and new business development strategies.

SLS uses advanced location analytics, economic incentive negotiations and compliance, and corporate real estate solutions to support clients and their goals.

As a veteran-owned company, SLS embraces our core values with passion where

Exceeding all Expectations

is the standard.

Our Values

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor,

Integrity, and Personal Courage. 

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