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    SLS is a unique Veteran owned economic development consulting firm specializing in economic development consulting to defense communities, companies, and organizations.

    Defense communities are the cities, counties and regions that serve as home to our nation’s military/government installations, missions, and industrial partners.  In many cases, traditional Economic Development mythologies fall short in leveraging the defense sector and military assets.


    SLS is a full-service economic development advisory firm supporting private, public, and non-profit economic development organizations around the US.


    SLS has served multiple defense communities in designing economic development programs in areas of economic development, strategic planning, community assessments, target market studies and new business development strategies.

    SLS uses advanced location analytics, economic incentive negotiations and compliance, and corporate real estate solutions to support clients and their goals.

    As a Veteran own company, SLS embrace’s our core values with passion where

    Exceeding all Expectations is the standard.

    Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. 


    Barry Albrecht 

    Founder and CEO Barry Albrecht is an expert in economic development in research and strategy, marketing, and place branding. He has advised cities, universities, real estate developers, nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 defense companies, and major media outlets on economic development impacts and strategies. 


    Barry Albrecht has served in economic development for over 25 years and has developed an impressive reputation as an entrepreneur and industry leader in economic development and corporate new business partnerships. He specializes in complex incentive design and transactions with national and international industries and is acknowledged as a creative designer of unique community strategic partnerships and “game-changing” marketing initiatives. He has served as CEO of multiple Texas-, Arizona- and Oklahoma-based regional economic development corporations that also serve large military and federal installations.


    Albrecht has been directly involved in national committees and local organizations that served to protect and expand military missions and installations. As an economic development executive, he has directly been involved in the recruitment, relocating, and expansion of numerous tech-based industries and federal agencies that accounted for thousands of new high-tech and government-related jobs. He also worked 12 years with Hughes Aircraft as a business development executive and served 6 years in the Army as an aviator.

    Albrecht continues to speak at national and state conferences on regional economic development and defense community marketing strategies. He has served on numerous national committees and has acted as congressional liaison to communities and local defense industries. Albrecht recently received the Department of the Army, Outstanding Civilian Service Medal for his 29 years of service in providing support to federal and military Installations, its missions and supporting the creation of new job opportunities programs for military families and transitioning military personnel.

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